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Journal > 12 sept 2012 / Johannesburg

King King building is busy again : every body is bringing back into the space elements of their outdoor experiences.

This third event will display « teasers » of incoming projects.

The radio team will map the city through talk for the Radio en Construction/ Joburg Radio project with Keleketla !

The park team went to have a pic-nik in different spaces to try to inhabit them and to create visible spaces of observation.

JC is wandering in the Koppies

Francois collects headlines along the road

The wall is reshapped to slowly take form of a archived memory of this residence

Silvio et Adrien continue to work with jazz group Planet Lindela. After meeting them, repairing their bass, and recording their concert, they will broadcast it during the exhibition.

The last group will present 3 space in wich they will work ( Gandhi Square, Noord, Park Station) exploring the question of body politic in those 3 space.

Pictures from Wednesday evening HERE

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