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« the ghetto? Worst ghetto ever! »

Tatenda Magaisa

“the ghetto? Worst ghetto ever!”


We already have expectations of this space. Its degenerate nature, its ghetto status.


– societal pariahs

– negative effect

“segregation has purportedly reached such a high degree of geographic concentration that immigrants and the poor are now among the main causes of their own social exclusion.”



General generalising/ SPACE/URBANITY are not the same.

Immigration- differentiation-class distinctions

Engagement did not and does not mean that the boundaries have been broken.

Haute Pierre carries certain implications that relate to other forms of political ideologies about spaces, stereotypes and economic status.

-for all spaces regardless  of the nature of the journey or the space, it will always be somewhat ethnographic or anthropological.

The mere fact that these spaces are full of immigrants and that these spaces connote the heavy loaded terms that are often associated with political unrest and xenophobic behaviour, (African, Muslim, North-African) suggests that these spaces and the people who live in these spaces are often faced with attitudes  that are xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic and  classicist.

From my perspective these attitudes relate to the South’s political situations where racism, xenophobia, classicism, and unequal economic power systems  still function on a large scale, and it with these thoughts that I am lead to the notions of segregation and control.





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