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Laurenci, Tatenda, Melissa, Maddy, Anathi, Marielle

Laurenci – experiment with different spaces, with private and public interfaces. Experiment in various places with performance and interaction. Will be working in Park Station and Ghandi Square, telling people secrets. Given time she will also interact with people in Noord in Afrikaans.
Melissa – Also working with public and private. Linked with Laurenci: her interest is in observing what kinds of people ‘Poppie’ attracts. Will also be setting up a photographic ‘studio’ in Ghandi Square and Park Station.
Marielle – Performance: will be setting up her own ‘phone booth’: will observe another phone hawker and then perform herself. Inserting herself into a relevant role in the environment.
Tatenda – Inserting the female body into space: Marielle will be entering each space (Noord, Park Station, Ghandi Square), each time dressed a different. The dress code will be along a scale of ideas of the appearance of ‘masculine’/’feminine’. objectification
Anathi – Will be taking ‘portrait’ photographs of people shoes: people who are interacting with Laurenci and Maddy. He will be keeping careful track of where people are going (their destination).
Maddy – Using road maps, she will construct an obstacle course in Park Station and or/Ghandi Square, depending on if she wants to repeat the obstacle course in a different space, or construct it in a different way. She will be working with Anathi who will take pictures of people who interact, and will be dressing up for Laurenci.


  • Experiment with the accessibility and usability of public spaces. Negotiate spaces.
  • Document movement and communication.
  • Manipulation of spaces through the use of the manipulation of identity.
  • Displacing routine. Also displacing identity.
  • Disruption of tension.

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