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“Performing Urban | Conakry”

“Performing Urban | Conakry” has been [a]FA´s contribution to this year’s Angewandte Festival @dieangewandte in Vienna’s urban space, under the MAK Terrassenplateau: an installation, a panel discussion and a magazine launch to share the process, results and ideas of the [a]FA Conakry Play Urban* lab, and to discuss performative spatial practices and the notion of context.

Claudia Bosse | theatre
Jean Christophe Lanquetin | scenography
Ibrahim Mahama | art
Eric Androa Mindre Kolo | performance
Baerbel Mueller | architecture
Frida Robles | research
[a]FA Conakry Play Urban:
Anni Dai, Carmen Egger , Ivan Jakaric , Zach Beale
Editors: Baerbel Mueller, Frida Robles
Design: Shirin Omran
*In 2019, we collaborated with Play>Urban and the theater festival Universe des Mots in Guinea, Conakry.

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