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Exil 02 : language barrier

Co-auteurs / Co-authors : Eléonore Hellio, Eve Chabanon, Michel Ekeba, Ben Metcalfe

Participants : Eléonore Hellio, Eve Chabanon, Michel Ekeba, Ben Metcalfe and a video featuring Bebson Elemba alias Bebson de la Rue

Lieu / Place : Joburg

Date(s) :

Durée (processus jusqu’à présentation ou à préciser / Duration (process until presentation or to be specified) :

Description (medium, genre, concept, questions, critics…) : Sound with headphones and video on computer screen. The public sits at a table and listens to people different attemps to communicate about Joburg city perceptions and states of exil while confronted to language barriers : approximative translations , misunderstandings, dialogues of the deaf. The video shows an afrofuturistic machine made of computer parts linking sound, lights and movement.
Excerpt from voice recording from a dialogue in french, english and lingala,  : “Against the multipolarity of the body as object, I’m claiming multidimensionality and ask you to engage your extra-sensorial perception without being teleported by your own fantasies and those of people around you… The interzone : a revolving space in which everybody speaks but nobody listens, it has set the trigger for schizophrenia… being here sometimes feels like crashing into the violent dream and give up any resistance to the ideology of hope… On se comprend pas dans cet l’exil mais elle suscite une forme de surexcitation qui nous permet d’oublier cette intense dislocation…”

Perspectives : Ongoing questions about exil

Axes de recherche / Research axes (Play/Urban)  : Exil

Protocoles (collectif) d’action / (collective) action protocols : Knowledge and experience sharing




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