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City Tour

Titre / Title : City Tour

Auteurs / Authors : Quaymberley Dudley

Participants : Quaymberley Dudley, Juiliette, Camelia Zaoudi

Lieu / Place : Le Petite France

Date(s) : October 2013

Durée (processus jusqu’à présentation ou à préciser / Duration (process until presentation or to be specified) : Experiment

On my first experiment in Strasbourg I took two artists on a tour of the city. Juliette is from France, Camellia is from Belgium and I am from South Africa. I had a map with illustrations of all the city sightseeing hotspots. As I had no idea about what the sights were and the story behind each one, I came up with a fiction. We encountered Le Petite France, the bridge with the roof which was actually a prison, and area for Octoberfest, parliament buldings and a contemporary art museum.

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