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2013 residency in Strasbourg, Public platform and encounters

The Play>Urban 2013 residency in Strasbourg, following the 2012 one in Johannesburg, will take place from the 30th of september until the 19th of october 2013 in various areas of the Strasbourg metropolis. This residency will be organised in two periods. 

1. The first period of the residency, from the 30th september until the 13th of october, students from the two schools (WSOA Johannesburg and HEAR Strasbourg), artists, researchers and academics will work together in the urban spaces of Strasbourg according to the rules defined by Play>Urban : collective works (dispositifs de collectifs) and projects around the concept of play as a way to experiment the cities contexts. A new serie of experimentations will be developped within two weeks. As we did in Johannesburg, local artists and structures will anchor our practices, including « La ville est un théâtre » (Véronique Ejnes and Florence Rudolf), Horizome (Barbara Morovich and Grégoire Zabé), Pôle Sud theater (for experimentations in the area of La Meinau), and also solo artists like Androa Mindre Kolo. The teachers and invited artists will be : François Duconseille, Eléonore Hellio, Jc Lanquetin, Grégoire Zabé, Dominique Malaquais, Natasha Christopher, Sello Pesa, Humphrey Maleka, Brian Ntembu. Plus 7/8 students from Johannesburg WSOA and 15 students from the HEAR Strasbourg (Scenography department).

2. The second period of the residency, from the 14th to the 20th of october will be a public platform under the title of Ville(s) en-jeu(x) (to be confirmed), gathering together Play>Urban (HEAR & WSOA) and 4 artistic institutions located in Strasbourg. The main focus of this platform is around artistic practices (dance, theater, performance, visual arts) in urban spaces and this week will mix experimentations, exhibitions, screenings, debates and performances.

2 openings and a two days encounters will culminate the week :

  • On the friday 18th, 2 openings: the La Chambre exhibition and a Play>Urban exhibition, both at Le Maillon Théâtre. The Play>Urban exhibition will present a large serie of experimentations by Play>Urban in the cities of Strasbourg and Johannesburg since 2011, but also Kinshasa and Bucarest, via documents, texts, videos. And also a new serie of live performances related to the workshop in Strasbourg. The evening will culminate with a video screening by Lowave, a serie of videos by artists intervening in urban spaces over the world.
  • On the 18th and 19th of october Performing Cities (Le Maillon) and Play>Urban with Pôle Sud & the TJP, will stage a 2 days encounter, around a serie of narratives by artists whose practice is related to urban space (and also with stage but in link with urban issues), in various areas over the world (South Africa, Brazil, Western & Northern Europe – see text on the website). Invited artistsLIGNA, Dries Verhoven, Sello Pesa, Cristina Moura, Stefan Kaegi, Christophe Haleb, Donna Kukama, Hant Hampton. Around them, theorists, artists, performers, spectators will discuss their works (most of them visible during the week or via screenings), in a serie of round tables articulating various formats of interventions (from debate to performance). The interventions will include : Dominique Malaquais (Senior Researcher CNRS, Sparck, Chimurenga), Julie Perrin (Dance theorist, Paris 8), Hannes Boerhinger (Writer, Germany), Zen Marie (Artist, Johannesburg), Stephen Wright (Art theorist) among others. The 2 days encounters will be ponctuated by a serie of theoretical interventions by Jay Pather (choreographer, curator, associate professor at University of Capetown), Dirck Baecker (Sociologist, Basel). In process.

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