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Word and Walk

Experiment 1

1 October 2013


Word: Plat

English Translation: Flat

Group: Tayla, Maxime, Mia and Zakara


Concept: Plat

Process: Don’t trust the numbers

Restitution: Musical composition


We tried to follow the route of the word as written on the map. To follow the route exactly, we would have to walk through walls. Instead we followed as closely as we could.


At each point of the word we took a photograph to map out our locations. We wrote down the number of the photograph as it appeared on the camera (to keep track of the photo and its location, as we were taking photographs of the walk). This resulted in a series of numbers that would appear to have no significant to someone apart from our group.

Mia took a series of photographs of the interior of cars parked cars on the street. She developed a frequency system were she counted certain items she saw n the cars.


We received our ‘process’ from another group via text message, “Don’t trust the numbers”. The connection between our photograph numbers and the text were obvious as well as the frequency of the items in the cars.

Tayla developed a table system with the numbers of the photographs, which reminded us of a type of musical composition. Mia did something similar with her collected data.


We went back to the school where Maxim plotted out the tables in a Garage Band. Tayla’s table was laid down first, followed by Mia’s, which was layered, on top to create a simple piece of music.

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