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Journal > 4th sept 2012 / Johannesburg

We were excited today to finally begin playing in Johannesburg. The first game was launched by Sello Pesa, Humphrey Maleka and Brian Mtembu from Ntsoana.
more info here : http://www.ntsoana.co.za

We divided in 2 groups around each member of the collective, and we spoke with them about what we saw during their performance on Saturday. Each group came up with 2 words which related to questions raised by the performance.

The word were :

  • dead dance
  • appear
  • inversion
  • disappear
  • displacement
  • incident

We also had to come up with a way of choosing the location in where we would play for the next two days. Each group picked up from a hat a word and we spreaded in the city to play.

The results and processes of this 1st game will be showed on Wednesday night at 6:30 along with a presentation by french artist Grégoire Zabé of the PLAY>URBAN 3D Platform

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