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Journal > 31 august 2012 / Johannesburg

  • Today we met some of the artists … (KELEKETLA ! + Grégoire ZABE)

    We had an appointment here at the Drill Hall in the CBD with Keleketla !

    Check their Facebook page !

    Rangoate Hlasane and Malose Malahlela explained their work with the children of the neighborhood, anchored in the in the Drill Hall site where the treason trials took place.

    They also present their Radio project in witch we are invited to participate, giving sounds, and creating dialogs for the 24-hours-radio « Radio en construction » which will be broadcasted.


    In the afternoon Gregoire Zabé, a french artist working on collaborative cyber space, showed us the PLAY>URBAN 3D Platform. It is an online digital public space intimately connected to the PLAY>URBAN project andwww.play-urban.org website.
    It hacks into the website and use what’s inside to crate space, merging it with Google maps of Strasbourg, Johannesburg…


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