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Journal 28 > 29 august 2012 / Johannesburg


Monday night, newly arrived from Strasbourg and Kinshasa, we met joburg’s urban players for a meal on the roof of the WITS School Of Art’s roof.

The following day we discovered the new space in which we are going to work during this month called King Kong building. We spent the first hours around a long table, sharing a breakfast and our expectations about the incoming exhibition in 36 hours ! That shouldn’t be impossible as we have altogether more than 300 years of creative experience, Zen said.

The idea of this first event was to introduce ourselves and our conceptual background to the public and to the artists we are going to work with. We decided to show on the first floor a great “conceptual table” where everybody could put something to represent their vision of what Play>Urban could be. Those objects where reshaped on the wall, mixed with texts and other images, to organize and expose our common ground.
In the other part we organized a network we liked to call “islands” or “constellations”, where we regrouped according to some common interests, to present our past work related to Play>Urban.
During the opening some of the groups also performed, as others were around exchanging about their work and the purpose of Play>Urban.

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