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Journal > 18 sept 2012 / Johannesburg

Each project is going on :

Naadira and Dominique keep writting, proof reading, designing for the publication which is coming, a superfast production as it has to be done in 72 hours,so the publication would be available on Friday for the final exhibition at VANSA’s space Keep at it ladies !

Planet Lindela is touring all around the city, playing on roundabouts, parks, street … while Silvio, Matete and Adrien are recording them.

They met the picnic group at David Webster Park. They were making a large patchwork carpet, building tunnel cardborad, playing with fences, paper airplan, carboard boxes, gambling, all childrens of the park were taking part of this unexpected animation. Francois was recording, and also Pauline, perched in a tree.

The radio group was recording stories in their studio in King Kong, and then editing, editing, editing…

As for the evening, part of us went to Urban Flux Festival, others to VJ party at WITS museum and everywhere else in the city…

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