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Journal > 13 sept 2012 / Johannesburg

Today is time for a general meeting, talking all together, giving feedback about what we made till here, telling what we are planning to achieve for the end of the residency ;

The idea is to work about personal projects in little groups and to meet and share with the all group. Now we try to find strategies we will use to present our work next Friday. Each group exposed his way of working for the next days and gave a conceptual text about their project. This democratic process of talking decisions among 30 peoples leads to very stormy discussions ! During these 10 last days, artists and lecturer will be giving feedbacks regularly, providing fresh look into different projects.

Later we joined Sello Pesa in his working studio and we had the luck to be able to witness to one of his perfomance rehearsal before leaving perform it in Madagascar.
The piece was called After Tears and investigates the mourning process and the strategies people use in order to cope with the loss of their loved ones. The South African tradition that you should return the spirit to its rightful destination is difficult and leads to inner conflict. Contrary feelings are summoned up to chase away the pain. At the same time it is necessary, within this process, to look at the future. In his choreography questions are posed about personal origins and space as well as that of human beings in general.

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