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Johannesburg Sept 2012 / presentation

The first in a series of residencies was planned for September 2012 in Johannesburg and involved collaborations between students, teachers, artists, researchers and cultural activists, who explored urban spaces in the Johannesburg CBD. This project, by the WSOA Johannesburg, the HEAR in Strasburg and VANSA, Johannesburg, with the participation of the ABA Kinshasa, was supported by the French – South Africa 2012-2013 Seasons and the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg.


Wits School of Arts, University of the Witwatersrand :
Zen Marie, Natasha Christopher, Naadira Patel
Participating students :
Zakara Raitt, Victoria Wigzell, Michelle Monareng, Mellissa Bennet, 
Megan Mace,
Matete Motubatse, 
Madeleine Dymond,
 Laurenci Dow,
 Anathi Radebe, 
Benjamin Metcalfe,
Tatenda Magaisa, Janike Fourie.

Jean Christophe Lanquetin, Eléonore Hellio, Francois Duconseille, Gregoire Zabé, Marie Fricout, 
Pauline Lepeu         Participating students :
Adrien Maufay, 
Marielle Agboton,
 Floriane Jan,
 Irène Tchernooutsan,
 Juliette Autin,
 Alice Neveu,
 Eve Chabanon,
 Silvio Milone

Académie des Beaux Arts, Kinshasa :
Patrick Missassi                                                                                                                                                                                             Participating students : Michel Ekeba, Christian Mukenge

Partners, invited artists and researchers :

  • VANSA : Joseph Gaylard and Lester Adams
  • Parking Gallery : Simon Gush and Ruth Sacks
  • Dead Heat : Dorothee Kreutzfeldt and Bettina Malcomess
  • Keleketla ! Library : Rangoate Hlasane and Malose Malahlela
  • Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre : Sello Pesa, Humphrey Maleka, Brian Mtembu, Vaughn Sadie
  • Donna Kukama
  • Calin Dan
  • Dominique Malaquais

Play>Urban was supported by l’Institut Français during the French-South Africa 2012-2013 Seasons, the National Arts Council (South Africa), the Goethe Institute Johannesburg and VANSA … to see the logos

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