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Journal > 11 sept 2012 / Johannesburg

We meet a the foot of the hill. Walking the dogs in landscape, just seconds away from the loud city.

To come there we passed by a commercial center then a quiet housing neighborhood.
The Koppies seems deserted, just us and the dogs wandering around.
We follow a little path that climb through the rocks, traces of this who climbed before us.
As we reached the top, evidences of frequentation became more obvious.
Rocks gathered in circle around a dead fire.
Organized area.
little constructions out of branches and stones.
remains of food
unidentified plastics objects
little altar under a tree

It seems that those hills are used for much more than morning walks, it seems to be used for religious ceremony such a baptisme or exorcisme.

It remind me of a little wood juste at the limits of Strasbourg, near the highway.From the outside it seems as usual but entering inside, we found a lot of little paths, organized spaces and signs carved into trees. We didn’t know what was the meaning of this and clearly weren’t the adressee.
As in those Koppies, we were ousiders.

As we pursue the rocky path we finally catch sight of the Joburg’s skyline in the distance, but still remained the feeling that we haven’t really been able to embrace the whole life of the koppie – PL

From now each group works about their own ideas. Most of us has the first reflex of walking around. For exemple Adrien and Silvio wlaked around King King building, filming with a camera hidden in a book and noting names of roads they were crossing ; Alice, Zakara, Vicky and Marie were looking for parks and open air spaces ;

Eleonore, Christ and Michel went to explore Yeoville ;

Irene, NJ, Michel and Megan started the radio project. For this one they also decided to go walking, and they noticed that when walking through places we don’t know we begin to construct fiction like realities in our heads in order to make ourselves feel confortable. Radio can have this same action of reinforcing a contsructed reality. This will be the main idea that will lead this radio project.

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