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MAI 2011 > 1ères RENCONTRES

Première rencontre entre les deux écoles et les artistes et chercheurs invités, en mai 2011 à L’ESAD / Strasbourg. 5 journées d’expérimentations urbaines communes.

Teachers Wits School of Art : Natacha Christopher & Zen Marie / Students Wits School of Art : Shogan Ganas Naido, Murray Kruger, Kemang Wa Lehulere, Naadira Patel / VANSA : Joseph Gaylard / Teachers ESAD Strasbourg : Eléonore Hellio, Francois Duconseille, JcLanquetin & Grégoire Zabé / Students ESAD Strasburg : Pierre Lebon, Marie Fricout, Garance Coquart, Irène Tchernooutsan, Pauline Lepeu, Qiu Jia, Marine Angé, Yonju Park, Xue Yingjun, Clémentine Cluzeaud, Amandine Rodier, Emilie Albert… / Guests : Dominique Malaquais, Franck Houndegla, Emeline Bailly, Calin Dan, Aurora Kiraly, Patrick Missassi (ABA/Kinshasa), Younes Kanbouj, Benedicte Alliot…

Voir : Strasbourg may 2011 on the Wits team blog.



Urban Games
Workshop may 2011
Indicative program of the week, and presentation of the participants
Sunday 22th
10:40 : arrival of the S.A group at Strasburg airport.
Installation at student’s place and at the hotel.
Free day in Strasburg.
Monday 23th
10:00 : First encounter of the two groups, students and teachers (+ Patrick Missassi). Presentations, organisation
of the workshop and of the week.
11:00 : arrival of Aurora Kiraly
14:00 > 22:00 : Begining of the workshop, open time.
Thuesday 24th
09:00 > 22:00 : full day, open time for the workhop.
Evening : possibilty of projects présentation by Strasburg students, in situ.
Wednesday 25th
09 :00 > 22 :00 : full day, open time for the workshop.
Nb : without french teachers involved in the « commission d’équivalence » (selection of entering students).
Evening : possibility of projects presentation by Strasburg students in situ.
Thursday 26th
09:30 > 12:30 : Seminar : What is at stake in UG project in Strasburg ? In Johannesburg ?
12:30 > 14:30 : Lunch with Bernard Fleury director of the Maillon theater
14:30 > 22:30 : Seminar : restitution of the common workshop to the guests and presentation of the Strasburg
student’s projects (synthèse) : the Strasburg students will present their projects produced during the year in link
with the city space of Strasburg.
Friday 27th
10:00 > 13:00 : Seminar : intervention of the 4 « external eyes », around the elements they have seen during the
présentations, UG’s texts, blogs produced by the 2 schools in order to develop the UG process, projects.
14:30 > 18:00 : Seminar : open debate.
18:00 > 19h30 : Cocktail at school
20:00 > 22:00 : Dinner at school
Saturday 28th
09:00 : Return flight from Strasburg airport for Aurora Kiraly and Calin Dan
10:00 > 16:00 : Technical debate between the teachers about the development of the project. Organisation of the
september meeting in Johannesburg and any others éléments. Also about the 2012 project.
18:15 : Train to Paris for Joseph Gaylard, JcLanquetin, Eléonore Hellio.
Sunday 29th
Free day.
18:50 Return flight from Strasburg airport for Kemang, Shogan and Murray.
Students from ESADS :
Emilie Albert
Marine Angé
Garance Coquart
Marie Fricout
Yon Ju Park
Pierre Lebon
Pauline Lepeu
Amandine Rodier
Irène Tchernooutsan
Yingjun Xue
Students from Wits School of Ar t :
Shogan Ganas Naido
Murray Kruger
Naadira Patel
Kemang Wa Lehulere
« External eyes »
For persons close of the Urban games questions in theorical or practical ways
Emeline Bailly, sociologist, urbanist, researcher LSUG / founder of « Town to Town » (urban research action) / in
charge of the new urban project’s department, Ville de Paris (until 2010)
Calin Dan, artist, curator / Co founder of subREAL / Bucharest & Amsterdam
Franck Houndegla, scenographer, museographer, designer, researcher / Paris. www.franckhoundegla.com
Dominique Malaquais, senior researcher, Centre d’Etudes des Mondes Africains (CEMAf), CNRS / Associate
editor, Chimurenga magazine / Co founder of the SPARK program, Africa Center, Capetown.
Teachers from schools :
Aurora Kiraly, curator / National University of Arts Bucharest / Cities Methodologies project (Bucharest / London)
Patrick Missassi, designer, teacher / Academy of fine arts, Kinshasa.
Francois Duconseille, Eléonore Hellio, JcLanquetin, Grégoire Zabé / ESAD Strasburg
Natacha Christopher, Zen Marie / Wits School of Art Johannesburg.
Others guests :
Benedicte Alliot, head of season’s department / French Institute, Paris.
Edouard Boyer, artist and teacher / Mulhouse Art School
Joseph Gaylard, artist, curator / VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa), Johannesburg.
Younes Kanbouj, scenographer and artist on public space’s projects, Paris & Rabat
Catherine Vinay, season’s department / French Institute, Paris.

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