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Strange attractors 2


Auteur / Author : Eléonore Hellio

Lieu / Place : CBD, Joburg, South Africa

Date(s) : August/September

Durée (processus jusqu’à présentation ou à préciser / Duration (process until presentation or to be specified) :
I found these objetcs on the ground during Sello Pesa performance in CBD.
The other picture was taken in a venue at the Joburg ArtFair.

Description (medium, genre, concept, questions, critics…) :
Poem about incidental matters (photography, text, toy guns, animal skull, game sheet)

Perspectives :

Ongoing process.

It appears in the Play/Urban publication.

Axes de recherche / Research axes :

Politics of intimacy / Postcolonial Dilemna

Protocoles (collectif) d’action / (collective) action protocols :



Sello Pesa Performance in CBD where i found the objects.

Sello Pesa in CBD

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