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Today I visited the commercial square and the park close to the boarder of Germany. The park attracted me so I decided to focus my experience there. I was in awe of the exercise and play equipment which I had never seen before.

I began by asking some children how to use the upside down see-sore. It took many gestures due to the language barrier but they were helpful and I managed to work it. After about five minutes my hands and arms were sore so I began to stretch. Then Tatenda taught me some belly dance moves. I did more exercise and then tried out a few of the exercise machines and continued stretching.

Later I approached a group of guys playing basketball and asked if I could play- they replied saying that I can but I have to wait until they fish their game. They lent me another ball to play with while I waited. After I played and waited for a while I returned their ball and asked them why they didn’t want to play with me. They said it was because I wasn’t wearing the right gear. I left after that.

During this experience I realised how focused people were on their training and how there wasn’t much, if any, interaction between people or separate groups. I don’t know whether their should be but I have a desire to instruct an exercise lesson at the park.

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